Gravure is unique printing that not many printing professionals understand. It is well suited to long runs and wide web runs. Some of the highest quality printing in the world utilizes this process. The packaging industry also uses this unique process. Gravure is an Intaglio printing process. I will explain this in further detail as I improve this website. For now, here are some samples of Gravure printed products I have produced. In 1998, I consulted in Seoul Korea to perform a "finger" print press test on Gravure Printing Equipment.

My experience in the art of gravure was greatly expanded as I worked for Max Daetwyler Corporation. Daetwyler is one of the leaders in gravure technology. As an Imaging Technology Specialist for MDC, I traveled internationally for installs and training of customers on the various hardware and software manufactured by MDC.

Wall Plates for Light Switches:
This is a wall switchplate product that was printed via a Gravure printing process. The actual image was printed onto a continuous roll of a plastic carrier sheet. After being imported back into the USA, the rolls of images were indexed and heat transferred to a preformed injection modeled clear part.
This is a small Flash animation of the basic principles of a gravure press in action.

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