My experience with Flexo printing comes from years of preparing postcript files and outputting film for Flexo printing. This includes precise mechanical trapping, color correcting and cutting back images and distorting to specifications for final film output

As a software trainer for Max Daetwyler Corp., I was responsible for training on the Schepers lie of Gravure/Flexo imaging devices. These unique devices used lasers to ablate coatings on Gravure cylinders for acid etching. With the vacuum cylinder inplace, Flexo plates could also be exposed with the same laser

Flexographic printing works well for web and package printing. Quality improvements such as direct to plate systems and others have helped to make the print quality of Flexo better than in the past. Flexo is starting to take over areas once dominated by Gravure. With shorter runs and higher than ever print quality, Flexo is in many cases a viable alternative to the more costly Gravure process.

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Label File and example of Flexo printing for which I produced film.