Airbrushing has always amazed me! I fell in love with its capabilities as I watched various artists paint car tags and T-shirts at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The ability to use color and fades between colors were great. No other medium I had seen before allowed this smooth blends. I was an airbrush artist for over 8 years painting portraits of animals , people and cars on car tags and T-shirts. Beach scenes, names and illustrations from peoples imagination helped pay the bills. I have done some fine art illustrations on illustration board. Below are some samples of the art I airbrushed over the years.

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This is self portrait. That's me standing beside it. This image was freehand airbrushed and measures approximately 3ft. by 6ft.

This is a study work I did of a Patrick Nagel serigraph. I love his work but couldn't afford an original so I made a copy for myself.

Below are other examples of commercial illustration I have airbrushed.




These guys are T-shirt Portraits I painted for customers.